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FOB: Minneapolis, MN

Shipping Method: FedEx Overnight, Speedee, Air Freight, Grower Truck or Customer Pick-up. Palletized FedEx shipments are also available. Please call for details.

Packing/Handling: Minimum order is 1 box. Trays sizes can generally be mixed, but boxes best as: 500/375's packed 5-6/box. 275's packed 5/box. 140's packed 4-5/box. 70's & full size 50's packed 3-4/box. 51 strips must be ordered in multiples of 2 which is equal to 1 full tray with 3 to 4 full trays per box. Orders below 6 trays will incur a $10 fee.

Available Discounts: 5% Early Order Discount for orders placed by December 15, 2020 or 12 weeks in advance of the ship date. Annual volume discount starts at 25+ trays.